KO Group is a community of varied production and television industry pros.

Each member of our team is an experienced specialist who is committed to lending their well-honed talent to whatever the project demands.
Anyone can come up with an idea. But taking an idea, executing it efficiently, seeing it through to completion on time and on budget, well, that's the real challenge. Ideas are the currency-of-the-realm at KO Group and we love all aspects of the creative process. From creative conceptualization, to research and writing, to scripting and storyboards, our team of creative specialists does it all.
There's more to production than just yelling "Action!", hanging out at the craft services table and sending out the finished spots. At KO Group of course we do those things but we also handle all the details that you might not have thought about. From talent casting and set design to lighting, shooting and special effects, when we take on a project, we make sure we put the "pro" in production.
We've gone from film to videotape to digital media but the fundamentals of editing haven’t changed in 50 years. Great storytelling blended with perfect pacing keeps the audience engaged. Our post-production department is populated with the best, most obsessed editors around, who are relentless in their demands for the latest in editing and post production equipment and software so they can deliver their artful magic.
3D Animation
So you want to place your product in a realistic luxurious Mediterranean villa, show a vehicle driving in dangerous (or perfect) weather conditions, see a thousand paper airplanes cascading through the sky and suddenly bursting into flames? Anything is possible within the realm of 3D production. Tracking simulated 3D elements into live footage, creating virtual sets, or showcasing your product in literally the best light possible, KO Group's crack team of modelers, animators and compositors can re-imagine and bring to life virtually anything you can think of at a fraction of the cost of hum-drum reality. And if you want stereoscopic 3D - grab your glasses because we can do that too!

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